Our Clay

Superior qualities of our products

JumpingClay has superior qualities not found in other clays

Neat Clay — One of the most important advantages of our clay is that it doesn’t transfer to hands, there are no crumbs and you could easy clean-up.

Simple Clay — Air drying clay, which shouldn’t be baked in the oven and this make it simple for use.

Safe Clay — Tested by the world- famous laboratories and authorities and acknowledged as safe. JC clay has been even exported to Japan where it was tested as a food substance.

Clay as a Toy — Due to its safety certificates and its components, parents could just leave their children play and have fun with our clay products.

Palette Clay — All colors can be mixed and your children will discover the amazing new palette.

Bouncing Clay — The name of our trade mark has been chosen due to this important quality of the clay, which differs us from the competitors. Children can play with the designed artworks outdoors.

Well-being Clay — The more you touch it, the better you feel. A light, fragrant herb scent and disinfecting qualities.

Jumping clay applications

Jumping clay can be used not only for games of your children, but also as educational tool. You can organize workshops and art classes, make costumes, jewellery and accessories, and even supporting people with disabilities through the unique clay therapy.

Enjoy the multiple applications of our products and discover the world of Jumping Clay!

Safety certification of our products

jumping clay certificates
The clay is 100% safe

The only one that´s passed the European SGS test for that age range.

Child Safety at the Forefront

  • JumpingClay has been deemed safe by major international testing agencies (U.S., Europe, Japan, etc.). And we are the only filler clay that has been tested and passed as a food substance in Japan. You will appreciate our attention to quality when you create projects and store them for extended periods of time.

  • Our relentless pursuit of quality has resulted in us only using the finest ingredients. We want only the highest quality products reaching the hands of our children and JumpingClay is that product. Our products are second to none.

Herb Scented Nano-silver Infused Healing Clay

  • Unlike other clays, JumpingClay is herb scented so it has therapeutic properties when you play with it.

  • The perfume is encased in nano-capsules for long-lasting fragrance. Nano-silver technology gives our clay anti-bacterial and disinfectant qualities.

jumping clay certificates