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Is Jumping Clay a profitable business?

The Best Quality/Safety/FamousC lay in the World

We let our products and programs speak for themselves.

Low Investment Start Up and High Profitability

The biggest investment in starting a business are the rents and interior design. Our franchisees use the Standard Artwork and other completed works to decorate the interior of the shops thus reducing the cost of interior design. Also, Jumping Clay franchises may be run by a single person further reducing overhead. Franchisees can also make a very high profit by marketing our Educational Programs to the public.

Continually Investing in developing specialized educational programs

We are continually investing in developing specialized programs such as Fun&Learn Programs for children, Clay Therapy Programs for persons with emotional and physical needs, and other in-depth Educational Programs.

The best marketing know-how for our products

through online marketing, home hopping networks, Facebook®, Youtube®. We also think that it is important that potential clients have direct access to our products so we offer many exhibitions, demonstrations, and experiential events where they can personally experience Jumping Clay.

Global Network

Currently there are about 40 countries operating Jumping Clay franchises and the European Territory is the most active of these. We are working closely with each country to produce an Educational Program that all can identify with. Melding the many different cultures that are currently using Jumping Clay has allowed us to implement Contents Localizing and to establish the first Global Network of its kind.

What sources of Revenue does Jumping Clay have?

— Training and certification of Instructors and Pre-instructors

— Lectures

— Franchise

— Online shopping store

— MaterialSupply educational material and merchandise to various educational institutions.

— Distribute JC merchandise to hypermarkets, toy stores, specialty shops, etc.

— Educational programs in Learning centers

Why should you take advantage of the Jumping Clay Special Offer?

— Low Investment Start Up

— The best Marketing-Know-how

— High Profitability

— Global Network in the Sign a Franchise contract with a discount up to 30 % !

— Tested and approved as a food substance in the most famous laboratories in the world

— The best clay in the world


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