Learn through Play

Education is the main concept of the Jumping clay trade mark. Learn through play is an innovative approach, proven its efficiency and success all around the world. Children use all their senses to discover the world around them. Our products offer you additional value to the development of your children.

JumpingClay educational activities have a positive influence on intellect, sensibility and even the body.

Educational effects of jumping clay

Relaxation — gives you peace of mind

Very soft and pliable. It has the ability to comfort people who touch and knead JumpingClay. Clay Therapy has been an effective tool in the psychotherapy field. It has been shown to reduce stress and facilitate recovery from many symptoms.

Creativity — promotes imagination

When children think about creating simple and or complex projects out of JC, they are encouraged to use their imagination and figure out how they are going to approach the modeling challenges ahead, thus developing problem solving skills. As the unique projects are completed the students will attain a sense of achievement from their work. As the children develop their imagination they will start creating more creative works.

Intelligence — enhances brain activity

Working with JumpingClay stimulates the senses. As students make the detailed parts of a project they will develop dexterity and improve thought processes.

Concentration — develop concentration ability

When students are having fun making the detailed parts of a project they develop a high level of concentration. Students who are easily distracted will become more focused as they complete the project at hand.

Artistic — develop artistic sense and ability

JumpingClay is a great tool to develop the basics of sculptural art. JumpingClay is a 3-D art form, it will develop dimensional and proportional awareness.

Self Confidence — develop confidence

Instill a sense of achievement and satisfaction as they complete JumpingClay projects.

Development — a new way of looking at objects

Observing and studying an object are a completely different activity. As a student studies an object to re-create, they must think about all of the details that are visible and think about how they are going to express those details. Sometimes, the student must think about the non-visible aspects and how they will affect the project. Therefore, the student must think about the overall project and how each facet will be expressed. JumpingClay education will improve the analytical skills of any student.

Discover our programs for all ages and all stages of the development of your child

Regular Programs

Pre-school Program

An introductory program for pre-school children. Learn rudimentary color mixing and simple shapes. Focused on creativity.

Children’s Program

Structured so that children can learn while having fun creating. Naturally gain the skills to create works and at the same time understand the characteristics of JumpingClay.

Sub Programs

Hobby Class

A program for children of all ages, young and old. Create props and decorations for all occasions.

Event Program

Demonstrate and hold experiential events at any event or exhibition. Choose the appropriate item depending on the number of participants and allotted time.

Season Program

Tailor-made seasonal programs for special days and holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Years, Christmas, etc.

Supplementary Program

This program can be applied as needed by individual instructors. For example, this program can be inserted to supplement Pre-school Program to maintain children’s interest in JumpingClay

Certificate curriculums regular programs

JumpingClay Professional Instructor Curriculum This is the top level Instructor’s Course and it involves a vigorous, intensive course (beginner / intermediate / advanced / master), more advanced than the Instructor Course.

  • Develop more advanced skills than the Instructor Course.
  • To encourage the pursuit of self improvement and to become goal oriented.

JumpingClay Instructor Curriculum After completion, you will be able to instruct the various JumpingClay Programs to others.

  • Understanding of JumpingClay system and instructor requirements.
  • Understand the characteristics of JumpingClay products.
  • Improve Instructors aptitude to complete the Special Courses.

JumpingClay Pre-Instructor Curriculum Learn the basic shapes/skills/tools with this course. You may teach at venues designated by your affiliate franchise.

  • Upon completion of the course you may teach “Children’s Program” to children.
  • With this short program you can start teaching JumpingClay at your affiliated franchise prior to earning your Instructor Certification.