Increase self-esteem developing your own ideas

Our tutorials will help you to increase self-esteem developing your own ideas.

jumping clay kid activities
Make your own toys

Till the age of 6 years, when the brain is most receptive to new information is laid the intellectual foundation for each child.

  1. Target observation — Power of observation;
  2. Analyzing each part in its basic form — Thinking/ Analytical skills/ Re-creating.
  3. Kneading clay — Develop dexterity/ Alleviate stress.
  4. Create special colours and parts — Sense of colours/ Sense of balance.
  5. Complete each part proportionately — Develop hand-eye coordination.
  6. Check balance of artwork — Synesthetic response/ Visual perception abilities.

They will facilitate developing essential skills for the children’s development.

What do you want to create? Learn through play!

jumping clay kid activities
Color mixing
jumping clay kid activities
Basic shapes

The brain of 8 – month’s baby has 1000 trillion neural connections, and when the child is already 10 years old their number decreased twice. The human brain operates on the principle "use it or lose it". It is released from the unclaimed cells and neural connections. Your role as a parent is to give impetus to the development of intellectual potential of the child.