Our workshops are topic related and you could find information about them always on our website or in our academy in Vienna, Austria!

The effects of our workshops

Happy family life

Jumping Clay creates happy children and facilitates joyful family life through the manufacture of superior lightweight clay by Jumping Clay Corporation and with the educational programs created by Jumping Clay Institute of Art.

Our philosophy to art education is that it should go beyond simplified education or experiential events. We aim to make it a culture and a new art form through “Edu-culture” and “Learn through Play.”

Our contribution to the community

Through the many Jumping Clay Group activities, we have been contributing to the welfare of the local communities. Our contributions are focused on:

Education — Jumping Clay instills creativity and dreams in children.

Culture: — We offer cultural experiences through our many exhibitions, demonstrations, and experiential events.

Community Welfare: — We have been helping the elderly, underprivileged persons, and the disabled to gain self-confidence with our many programs.

Creation of Jobs: — Through Jumping Clay education, we have created many employment opportunities in many communities.